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ARIS Process Mining Accelerator: Hire-to-retire


Gain a complete, real-time view of your hiring processes across all departments and countries thanks to this solution. You can now examine and evaluate the progress of the hiring process, as well as the health of your talent pool and hiring pipeline, in real time.

Discover the main reasons for hiring delays and bottlenecks, allowing you to implement necessary changes before ongoing hiring efforts are jeopardized and employees are lost. Furthermore, by comparing your current hiring processes with your desired standards, you can identify opportunities to drive process standardization and harmonization for recruitment activities.


  • End-to-end transparency of the lifecycle of the recruitment process
  • Identify all the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your recruitment process
  • Benchmark organizational units and use the best practices identified to improve process performance
  • Identify process deviations from the ideal process using conformance analysis


Watch the hire-to-retire on SuccessFactors recruitment accelerator demo and see how you can gain valuable insights into your recruitment process.

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