ARIS Process Mining Basic

Start mining your processes and perform quick health checks using data snapshots with the free SaaS version. Ideal for proof of concepts and small teams. Begin your process mining journey today, at no cost!

ARIS Process Mining user type: analyst
ARIS Process Mining Basic: Take the first steps

Take the first steps into the world of process mining for free

Start small and scale up! Gain insights into your process performance, analyze business processes, and identify areas for improvement.

ARIS Process Mining Basic: Discover your process reality

Discover your processes reality

Gain valuable insights into your operations, by simply uploading CSV data. ARIS Process Mining automatically analyzes the information and identifies existing processes and process variants, providing you with clear visualizations of your operations.

Detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions that enhance performance and customer satisfaction.

ARIS Process Mining Basic: Root-cause mining for automated process analysis

Root-cause mining for automated process analysis

Automate your process analyses using powerful algorithms that allow you to search discovered data for conspicuous structures and patterns. With root-cause mining in ARIS, you identify and eliminate the exact problems causing delays and bottlenecks.

Focus on the automated fixing of process issues instead of performing manual analysis.

ARIS Process Mining Basic: Quick results on process snapshots

Quick results on process snapshots

Benefit from swift and easy process analyses with simple data snapshots to give you a basic overview of how your operations work. This provides you with a solid starting point for process mining within your organization, laying the foundation for more complex analyses and optimizations in the future.

ARIS Process Mining Basic: Easy & intuitive interface

Easy & intuitive interface

Easy to use thanks to an intuitive interface that makes it simple to navigate and understand. Even those new to process mining can quickly get started due to a user-friendly layout that guides you through the process step-by-step.

With clear visualizations and easy-to-read analysis, you can quickly gain a deep understanding of your business processes and how they are performing.

User type

ARIS Process Mining Basic: analyst


An analyst performs advanced data analysis, manage data models, and manages data and configures data integrations. Analysts are responsible for managing and optimizing the process mining workflow within an organization and have therefore the ability to quickly import process data via CSV files.

Build powerful analyses and gain valuable insights to improve efficiency and productivity.

Trusted transformation partner!