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BPA Business Process Analysis

What is Business Process Analysis?

Business Process Analysis — also known as BPA — includes the design and documentation of process information with the purpose of monitoring and analyzing processes and their performance, and to communicate and optimize processes throughout the organization.

BPA helps organizations achieve operational excellence, increase competitiveness by improving the overall business performance, manage the enterprise with full visibility, and align the organization from end-to-end.

Key features

Fast & smart modeling

Fast & Smart Modeling

Easily create models that are efficient, accurate, and adaptable to changing conditions, using a flexible approach that allows for quick changes in response to new information or changing circumstances.

Reuse models and objects from the repository, add images, additional documents and graphics, work with table-based modeling or use an AI-based translation of your process knowledge – there are endless features that help you get fast results.


Publication & collaboration

Publication & Collaboration

Get everyone on the same team by optimizing transparency and communication. Benefit from innovative ways to publish process content and enable everyone in your company to understand and improve processes without deep process knowledge.

Unlock the power of collaborative process improvement by empowering anyone, anytime, anywhere to collaborate. Allow dedicated teams or restricted target groups to collaborate and comment during the design and after the publication of process models to contribute their content.

Role-based content

Role-Based Content

Generate simple views of business content by using different highlighting options that present information in a clear and concise manner. You can also restrict access to content based on the role or position of the user.

Use content filters to reduce complexity and increase the focus on relevant content. This helps to ensure that users only have access to the information that is necessary for them to perform their job duties, while also helping to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive information.

Confirmation management

Confirmation Management

Ensure that changes from a transformation are read and understood by the entire organization. Roll out operating procedures and policies organization-wide in a shared, single source of truth based on automated process governance.

End-users are asked to confirm changes while management views allow you to track the status of ongoing confirmation activities.

Single source of truth

Centralized Repository

Establish a centralized repository where all relevant process information and documents are stored, updated, and maintained according to established standards and guidelines with controls to ensure that only authorized users can access the single source of truth.

Users can search and reuse existing documents and process models, manage and navigate content structures, create model or document versions, and maintain a version history.

Accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data will help to improve decision-making, increase efficiency, and reduce errors and inconsistencies.

Variant management

Variant Management

As standards evolve over time, it is necessary to adapt the changes in both your master process and in your process variants.

Use variant management to roll out process changes to all employees and to ensure that everybody is on the same page. Changes in a master process can easily be rolled out as process variants and adapted in different entities or regions.

Governance workflows

Governance Workflows

Establish enterprise-wide policies and workflows for Business Process Management by automated process governance. Use a model-driven approach to roll in requirements and roll out solutions. Increase process quality, flexibility, and traceability by defining policies, roles, and responsibilities.

If, for example, a change request for a model is submitted, the request is sent via e-mail to the person responsible who can then assess if the change should be made.

Dashboarding & reporting

Dashboarding & Reporting

Interactive dashboards are a powerful tool for exploring and analyzing complex data sets, and help users to make data-driven decisions by providing insights in real-time. Start with out-of-the-box dashboards or use them as templates for adaptation to create dashboards that can be context-sensitive for certain business units and their processes.

Optimize your business with various reports to analyze process information such as time and cost through standard and custom ad hoc analysis and queries based on data stored in a single source of truth.

Premium Document Storage

Document Storage

Eliminate informational silos and store all your documents in context with other assets and your business processes centrally in ARIS. Assure the right people have the right information at the right time and create a single source of truth for your daily work.

ARIS provides three possibilities for storing your documents depending on your individual needs. You can use standard document management for up to 40,000 documents, premium document management for up to 1 million documents, or an integration with SharePoint, just as you like.

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Simulation adds capabilities to test what-if scenarios and get information about bottlenecks & improvement potentials. It’s ideal for reengineering, optimizing and analyzing processes, benchmarking, and resource planning.

Identify process modeling errors, inefficiencies, and weaknesses using a wide range of analyses. Realistically simulate and dynamically analyze your business processes for improvement before you make costly changes.

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Editions - it's your choice

Basic edition

ARIS Basic

Start your improvement journey immediately with the next generation of business process design. ARIS Basic provides all essential features for business modeling, sharing, and optimization. Produce fast results easily and share them with your stakeholders.

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Advanced edition

ARIS Advanced

Continue your process excellence journey with the comprehensive features of ARIS Advanced. It provides you with the full flexibility of method and access control. Get the most powerful design and reporting options, which guide you to optimized processes. Collaborate to improve your processes and store your documents directly in ARIS.

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Enterprise edition

ARIS Enterprise

Get all the functionality needed to run enterprise-wide process management and achieve maximum value. ARIS Enterprise offers the full configurability and integration capabilities that map to your specific needs.

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ARIS for Education

With ARIS Cloud for Students, we offer our market-leading BPM tool to every student and faculty member – 100% free!

Students can proof their knowledge about ARIS products and solutions with our ARIS Exam. Use this certification to get your foot in the door in new areas of expertise and kick-start your future career.

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Business transformation

Business Transformation

Adapting your business model is essential for remaining competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment and winning in the market. Transform your organization and position it for long-term success.

Change your company’s strategy, processes, and operations in order to adapt to changing market conditions, customer needs, or technological innovations, allowing your organization to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers and partners.

Operational excellence

Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence is essential for long-term business success. By continuously improving your processes and delivering high-quality products and services on time, you can lower risk and costs, increase revenues, and create value for your customers and shareholders. Lower your risks and costs, and increase efficiency and revenues to get a positive impact on your business.

Customer excellence

Customer Excellence

Deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations – by understanding customer expectations and continuously optimizing touchpoints and customer journeys, you can improve customer satisfaction, gain a competitive advantage, grow revenue, save costs, and build a strong brand reputation.

Digital workforce enablement

Workforce Enablement & Change Management

The effective rollout of new business processes and organizational changes is critical to the success of your digital transformation project. Roll out operating procedures and policies organization-wide in a shared, single source of truth based on automated process governance and ask people to confirm changes to ensure that information about the transformation is read and understood.

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