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Deployment SaaS SaaS SaaS and On-Premise*
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Connectivity and Data Basic Advanced Enterprise
Storage quota up to 1 GB Starting at 10 GB Starting at 20 GB
Data storage location US, Europe US, Europe US, Europe
(UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and many more upon request)
Process quota up to 250,000 cases Starting at 1 million Starting at 2 million
Data source connectors Basic Advanced Enterprise
CSV-based snapshot projects
450+ system connectors with integration**** -
Data Lake extraction* -
Data sets with Living Process connections to source systems (which JDBC and SAP® extractor)* -
Generic Data Ingestion API* -
Automated process mining pipeline* -
Data transformation and preparation Basic Advanced Enterprise
Manage access restrictions on data set level
Calculate new calculated fields using the Code or Visual editor
Translate analysis model fields
View status of process mining pipeline
Manage and preview source tables
Create data model using source tables
Export and import solutions files incl. all assets (w/o data)
Use variables for parameters to abstract calculations in calculated fields -
Add system connection to a data set* -
Define data extractions for a system connection* -
Create data transformations -
Create global parameters and (local) extraction parameters -
Schedule a task to automate the data pipeline* -
Pseudonymize data via SHA2 in data transformations -
Process compliance checking Basic Advanced Enterprise
Process conformance checking incl. process fitness value calculation and impact analysis**
Compliance rule checking and impact analysis
(up to 3 rules)
Process discovery and variant analysis Basic Advanced Enterprise
Automated process discovery
Automated process variant discovery
Build analysis with out-of-the box apps like Process Overview, Process Explorer and Process Compliance app
Build own apps using the App builder with various chart types and components
Flexibly define field, activity, process flow and code filters
Save personal favorites incl. Bookmarks and saved filters
Root Cause Miner to discover root causes for ad-hoc specified process symptoms
Create variables and use them in analyses using parameters -
Ad-hoc calculation of measures based on parameter input -
Export data displayed in a component to an Excel or CSV file -
Manage access restrictions on project and analysis level - -
Define (default) filters on analysis, app and component level - -
Process enhancement Basic Advanced Enterprise
Transfer discovered processes into the ARIS Repository**
Augment BPMN models in ARIS with process mining measures*** - -
Augment BPMN models in ARIS with discovered activities and connections*** - -
Integrate ARIS Process Mining analyses into the ARIS portal*** - -
Insights to Action Basic Advanced Enterprise
Automated triggering of actions (triggering a web hook URL) based on discovered process mining insights - -
Automated creation of issues in ARIS Risk and Compliance based on discovered process mining insights*** - -
Automated triggering of workflows in the ARIS process governance capability based on discovered process mining insights*** - -
Define Insight triggers - -
Service overview and administration Basic Advanced Enterprise
Single-Sign-on (SSO) from ARIS BPA to ARIS Process Mining**
Multi-language support
Single sign-on (SSO) using SAML
Support for Identity Management Service (SCIM) in ARIS Process Mining
Integrate ARIS Process Mining with ARIS BPA**
Gallery with pre-defined accelerators
Editions Basic Advanced Enterprise
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Note: Some of the aforementioned features are dependent on a corresponding user license.
* Living Processes are Required
** ARIS BPA required
*** ARIS BPA Combined Deployment required
**** Additional Product required (e.g.