Incident-to-resolution for​ ServiceNow®

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Get a view of the ticket process, identifying issues and bottlenecks to improve efficiency and reduce delays

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ARIS Process Mining Accelerator: Incident-to-resolution for Servicenow


Incident-to-resolution for ServiceNow® provides a clear picture of the process from ticket creation to ticket closure. With the help of this industry-agnostic solution, you can uncover ticket processing flaws, loops, and high wait times that cause delays and bottlenecks. The solution concentrates on the capabilities for analyzing the ticket’s characteristics and the sequence of activities, and it clearly displays the times between the steps.


  • Obtain real-time visibility into process performance using actual operational data from system logs
  • Identify all the ticket re-allocations and bottlenecks in your I2R processes
  • Benchmark organizations and assignment groups to improve process performance
  • Analyze non-conforming cases and identify possible violations to drive improvement
  • Understand the reasons for very long processing times with root cause miner


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