Do you want to know the secret to improving your service and development operations?

Look no further than the JIRA Service Management dashboard! It’s like having your own personal data wizard that helps you identify long-running processes and bottlenecks, so you can fix any issues ASAP. It tracks metrics like cycle times, workload, and quality of defect resolutions, giving you the tools to optimize your operations and make them efficient.

With this powerful solution on your side, inefficiencies can be detected and resolved, leading to streamlined processes.


  • Provide total transparency into the issue-to-implement (I2I) process with the ability to look at service operations or development quality from various perspectives
  • Identify inefficiencies in service operations
  • Balance the workload for team members
  • Benchmark service operations performance with industry best practices
  • Analyze defects, deliver quality, and lower costs
  • Identify process deviations from the ideal process using conformance analysis


Watch this demo as see how the service management dashboard can provide strategic insights into your service and development operations instantly with visibility into your issue-to-implement (I2I) process.

See it in action