The order-to-delivery analysis offers clear and easy-to-understand insights into how your order-to-delivery process flows in real life. This accelerator, which is not industry-specific, enables businesses to effortlessly identify the process flow based on a number of variations and cycle times throughout the entire order-to-delivery process. It also allows businesses to observe which activities are time-consuming and how the process behaves under different circumstances. The solution focuses on the cycle times of the process, significant details regarding the customer group, shipping method, product group, and on-time-in-full delivery, and provides a clear representation of the duration between stages.


  • Observe the performance
  • Examine less and late deliveries
  • Easily customize dashboards or quickly create them from scratch
  • Identify bottlenecks and where to start with process improvement efforts
  • Find answers to questions like, “How are process cycle times affected in different cases?​”


Watch the order-to-delivery demo and see how you can easily discover the process flow, which activities take longer, and how the process changes according to different scenarios.

See It In Action