Begin your process mining journey for accounts receivable today.​ Although accounts receivables may seem like a simple process, it involves several intricate moving parts that can go awry. Process mining offers a viable solution to create visibility and establish a strong foundation for organizations to drive transformation and achieve operational excellence. Our solution serves as the first step towards this transformation, allowing you to extract raw data from SAP® and visualize your accounts receivables process, ultimately delivering value right from the start.


  • Identify inefficiencies and areas of non-compliance
  • Benchmark different segments, regions, or company codes against each other and see if they are causing shortcomings in your A/R processes
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into current process performance based on real operational data from system logs
  • Measure business process performance in real-time to check compliance and ensure a continuous return on investment
  • Analyze non-confirming cases to identify possible violations within the current business process workflow, enabling continuous improvement


Learn how to discover bottlenecks and improve “SAP Accounts Receivable Processes” with ARIS Process Mining in this demo. See how you can save costs, increase productivity, and automate your operations.

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This solution allows businesses of all sizes with SAP® transactional data to begin their process mining journey for their record-to-report process.

Record-to-report is concerned with the creation, parking, posting, and processing of journal entries. While it may seem intuitive to assume that in most cases, the journal entry will be created, possibly parked for a period of time, posted, and then processed, this is not always the case. You can gain visibility into your record-to-report process by using process mining. This lays the groundwork for delivering operational excellence.

​By transforming the raw data extracted from SAP®, you will be able to visualize your process and begin delivering value today.


  • Identify bottlenecks in the General Ledger management process
  • By comparing different segments, regions, or company codes, you can determine whether specific clients, products, or offices are causing flaws in your R2R processes
  • End-to-end visibility into current process performance based on real-time operational data from system logs
  • Measure the performance of business processes in real-time to ensure compliance and a consistent return on investment
  • Analyze non-conforming cases and identify potential violations in order to drive improvements


Watch the record-to-report for General Ledger accelerator demo.

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